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About Us

Ok, we get asked for home decor tips and advice A LOT!

At work, when dropping off the kids, by friends and family, we're always getting asked about what goes with blue or pink or orange. What tiles fit in this bathroom or that kitchen. 
If we could get a pound for every question, we'd be in the bath with them like Scrooge McDuck!

Oh well, what a great thought!

Anyway, we all live around Manchester in the UK - Yvonne, Charlie and me, Sofia - and we've been friends for years. Many years.....I'm not saying too much tho, a girl needs her secrets!

We've all bought houses, found husbands and seem to have collected children and in all of this, we've always had a huge passion for our homes and how they look. From DIY projects to builders in, to wallpaper and tiling through to floors and carpets replaced and everything in between! 
If there's one thing we're definitely not, that's shy of a bit of hard work! As girls together we'll roll our sleeves up and get stuck in.

This website is where we're going to try and post all our ideas, tips, hints and tricks. It may go off on tangents, it might not always stick to the plan but hey, that's not going to be a problem is it?!

Ok, so that's the introductions out of the way. Let's get posting!



Home Decor Honeys